Visage Lab for iOS/Android

It takes much effort to get an ideal face, you know. But imagine you could get a perfectly retouched photo within a single click! Visage Lab application for iOS and Android can do exactly this, and for free! The app removes pimples and wrinkles, fixes red eye and whitens teeth to make your portrait photo look like a cover shot!

You are welcome with your suggestions on improving the app, and you can also vote on others’ ideas.
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1168 votes Vote

Face recognition

I would like if the picture didn't have to be just your face. If it could be a whole body shot, and somehow the app could recognize the face. Then, I believe, the app could be awesome. Using face recognition allow the app to recognize the face...
Leah, 23.01.2012, 05:43
605 votes Vote

Add the make up our selfs.

We could get a make up selection to chose from so we can add our own make up to the pictures
Kim, 18.03.2012, 01:04
422 votes Vote

Cover the pimples

A pimple rmoverr
Andrea, 14.01.2012, 21:48
389 votes Vote

you can try to put also make up like lipgloss and

you can put lipgloss and eye shouds and more thing but its need to look netraly good app love it
may, 01.02.2012, 01:00
334 votes Vote

Needs a better "face detector"...

I love everything about the app except for one thing. THE FACE DETECTOR!! The picture can be at a slight angle, & it'll say something like "need picture of big face." If the face detector was better & there were more photo effects, I'd give the...
Miranda, 06.03.2012, 07:26
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327 votes Vote

Add a touch-up brush for fine detail work

Make available an option to use a paint style brush which can be resized "fine to wide" to paint in small to medium areas for fine detail work for example, pimples, wrinkles, dark bags under the eyes, or wrinkles around eye corners. This would...
Ron Harris, 30.05.2012, 06:39
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264 votes Vote

I'd like to choose individual options for touch-up

I'd like to choose individual options for touch-up such as teeth whitening and while I may want a touch up, I may want to leave my spouse's face alone!
Brianswife, 26.06.2012, 04:33
237 votes Vote

Remove logo!

I didn't pay over $3.00 for the little logo to still be there!!!! |:
Response from the site administrator
Nataliya, 11.04.2012
Hello Miranda!

Please check with attention - if you use PRO version or are you still on a free version.
And just to make sure - please tell is you bought PRO version or "Remove ads" in-app-purchase?
Miranda, 06.03.2012, 07:36
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199 votes Vote

Fix red eyes

Please design something that fixes red eyes. When using a cellphone to take pics it doesn't always work....especially at night. I've lost a lot of great pics to red eye.... ;)
Response from the site administrator
Constantine, 31.05.2012
Hello Joy!
Red eye Remover works almost in about 90 % cases, but we can not guarantee the complete Red eye Removal. In general, all enhancement are made at the first stage of processing and further you can only reduce the level of the enhancement.
Joy, 31.05.2012, 04:38
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184 votes Vote

Be able to have more effects to chose from.

Alisha, 19.06.2012, 15:31
182 votes Vote

Keep original Photo Exif Data

If you save the photo to your camera roll, all exif dat ist lost. most importantly the date the picture was taken is lost (and replaced by the date the picture was edited with Visage Lab). This should be the Original Date (the same way, that other...
akiwitz, 19.06.2012, 21:14
175 votes Vote

What is the final res of a 4256x2832 image in Pro

The free version saves a hires 12mp image at a very disappointing 1199x796. What is the resolution of final images saved in the Pro version? Does the app save at the original resolution?
Response from the site administrator
Nataliya, 11.04.2012
Dear Jeff!

Currently the VicMan Visage Lab PRO app saves images in the same resolution as free version. Do you need higher resolution?
Jeff Perry, 07.01.2012, 00:18
137 votes Vote

Need manual face selection

Need the ability to be able to manually select regions of an image to process as automatic face detection dose not always work and program won't process photo.
Brad Hobberstad, 01.10.2012, 01:53
137 votes Vote

Be able to use any picture I have.

I would like to be able to use any picture I have in my library. I zoomed in to a picture I wanted to use and it was larger than the example pictures and it still didn't work. It would be nice to use any picture of any size that I have on my phone.
Brianne, 11.12.2012, 02:04
133 votes Vote

Add imperfections of whole body- cellulite

Update your app so that it can fix body imperfections- on legs, thighs, abs. One that just retouches and smooths out uneven skin tones and fixes unwanted dimples.
GLR, 06.02.2013, 19:49
125 votes Vote

Remove glare from glasses

Remove the glare from glasses
Aly, 26.08.2012, 06:22
122 votes Vote

Be able to erase change in the photo body objects

Enlarge body parts or make them smaller remove objects from picture or add Completely do makeover of things I don't like Tx
Chinita Vargas , 17.01.2013, 09:05
116 votes Vote

Opcion de agregar delineador, colorete, rimel, etc

A parte de un maquillaje automatico, sería bueno tener la opciones de agregar rimel, delieneador, colorete, pintura de labios, entre otros, Gracias, espero tomen mi idea.
Carmen, 18.07.2012, 04:56
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113 votes Vote

Allow the app to access the Camera Roll

I would like to be able to import pictures from my Camera Roll, as well as my Photo Gallery.
hammer51012, 27.10.2012, 23:15
111 votes Vote

Skin makeup feature

I would love to have a Skin Make-Up feature that adjustable. Because I have the pro version and it make my pictures look fake.. In other word people can tell that I already touch up. I would love to be able to adjust it myself lower percent of...
Omgitsme, 01.02.2013, 21:36
99 votes Vote

Skintone matching. Match skin tones of different pictures.

I'd like to have a master picture of a person with the desired skin tone and be able to give people in other pictures that same skin tone.
Ron B ., 23.01.2013, 21:01
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97 votes Vote

Choose faces and touch ups

I would like to be able to select what faces need touch ups. My 2 two year old does not need teeth whitening or wrinkle remover. Also, it misses some things so it would be nice to select the pimple or scar that was missed and give the picture a...
e, 03.08.2013, 10:10
96 votes Vote

Use this app for anywhere on my body not just face

This app only works on a face pic, but it would be better if i could remove blemishes on my arms or feet for instance.
M. George, 06.07.2013, 18:23
95 votes Vote

Show recently editors pictures

Show more than just the last one edited. Have an "what you've edited" gallery
Grace, 06.12.2012, 05:56
-1 comment
95 votes Vote

Allow profile faces

Nice app, but it is so limiting as to the photos it works with. It would be great if it removed wrinkles & flaws from faces that are head-on but are at a tilt and those that are in profile. Many people pose with their head tilted to one side,...
QuietThunder, 03.05.2013, 05:04
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93 votes Vote

Change the app icon to something neutral for guys too.

Just something different then a makeup bag.
Alan, 30.03.2013, 19:55
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93 votes Vote

Coloured red eye reduction

I have blue eyes, and unfortunately every time I reduce red eyes they have to be brown. Maybe just a small palette of colours to choose from would be great?
Jc, 06.06.2013, 05:04
92 votes Vote

Change the app icon to something neutral for guys too.

Just something different then a makeup bag.
Alan, 30.03.2013, 19:52
92 votes Vote

Предлагаю сделать так, что бы можно было выбирать

Предлагаю сделать так, что бы во вкладке "эффекты" можно было выбирать сразу несколько эффектов одновременно. Например: эффект из...
Роман, 17.05.2013, 18:05
92 votes Vote

Face recognition:

App should be able to Detect face without having to Be a straight forward head shot. Thanks:)
Nora, 25.07.2013, 03:32
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